Crazy Copenhagen

04th January 2015
I didn't do a lot of research before heading off to Copenhagen for New Year, but given the Danes' minimalist style and cool demeanour I presumed there wouldn't be any nasty surprises.

There was a sprinkling of snow on the first morning, transforming the City into a winter wonderland and making the blandest everyday objects more photogenic.

Ah, pretty.

But when the sun went down the darkness was punctuated with the sound of minor explosions. These minor explosions being very loud fireworks. Fireworks that echoed, their sound bouncing off the buildings so you had no idea where they were coming from. There is nothing ordered or minimal about the Danes' approach to fireworks. Kids light them in the city centre, grown men carry 3' long rockets to the pavement and launch them next to parked cars. By 4pm on New Year's Eve it was a free for all, a run to the restaurant was perilous. There's no oohing and ahhhing, it's survival, watch your back, check someone isn't lighting a roman candle at your feet. Strangely exhilarating and quite unexpected.

Happy New Year!