Out of hibernation

14th May 2013
Have you ever wanted to know what Love looks like? I can show you. It looks like this:

Congratulations to my two wonderful friends M + H on their Wedding Day. It marked the end of the longest winter ever with the sun finally making an appearance and giving those of us that are solar powered, much needed energy and warmth. So, Watts Where is officially out of hibernation. There's been a lot of work going on behind the scenes and thanks to the patient, creative, tolerant and beautiful Ladies Who... Natalie and Janina, there are some lovely new images in the Ladies Who... gallery.

I feel the need to apologise publicly for asking Janina to wear a snorkel with her evening gown before getting in the water, but if I'm honest, I'm only apologising so that I can actually include this photo in watts happening:

In a quantum leap, or should I say quackum leap, meet Derek. He's a Woolly Purls creation of Chief Knitwit Lydia. His friends are currently occupying my sofa waiting for their photoshoots.

So far, Derek's the only one who's had the Watts Where treatment, rest assured, I will share the images of Rodney, Rarebit and Geoffrey when they're done. I just need the sun to shine again, so you may be waiting some time.