Post Rio Pincer Movement

23rd August 2016
With the closing ceremony to Rio 2016 looming, the question in my mind was what on earth am I going to do now that wall to wall live sport is ending?

The four yearly fix of physical feats: of how do they do that? He/she is amazing, I wish I could pedal that fast, left me determined to try a new sport. So I did my research and set off on Sunday with my long suffering nephew, Kieran, in tow.

With cameras and microphones packed, we were Wivenhoe bound for the annual crabbing competition.

Little did we know how big this event is. Hundreds of people registered under Kayleigh's watchful eye. Some shared their secret bait recipes with us, others kept them a closely submerged secret. With no hooks allowed the competition began.

Safe to say, I couldn't quite believe how many crabs inhabit the shores of Wivenhoe. They're all returned to the murky Colne after weighing in, but who won and what was the winning weight? At this juncture I should say that an Aussie friend, when told of the winning weight let out a derisory chortle, however, it was a record for this competition.

Kieran recorded and mixed this story for Watts Where, with guidance from his picky aunt (one wouldn't expect anything else, would one?) I'd love it if you'd take a listen, not least because if we get 100 people liking it, he has to attend another non-Olympic sporting event with me.